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" It’s hard to put into words how much David has helped me. Before therapy I was depressed, rarely happy, hated myself, had perpetual guilt, and life was dark and muggy. I thought that this is who I was and happiness was impossible for me. I sought therapy, because I knew life had to be better than what I was living. I had a wonderful family and a loving husband and I didn’t want another fog of drugs on top of that. I now am living a life full of happiness and lightness, I feel I am my true self that I never knew was there, everything is so clear, focused, and I have confidence in myself. I owe it all to David.
David’s Solution Focused and Brief Trauma Resolution Therapies are an absolutely enlightening experience and helps from day one! The solution is so natural, so quick, and so different and long lasting from any other therapy I’ve experienced. He actually helped me rewire my thinking process. It is more of a teaching method to practice, like physical therapy for your mind. I had to do the work, but he gives all the tools and walks you through how to use them. He taught me to eliminate nagging old memories with associated self-deprecating meanings and to disregard guilt. I don’t feel like I have to “cope” or “deal” with anything, as I will know what to do when something happens. I don’t live in a state of anxiety, planning for every contingency IF something were to happen. It is hard to remember feeling how I felt before seeing David, I feel like a completely different person, I am a better wife, mother, and daughter. So much so, that it gets a bit scary during the transformation that your loved ones will feel different. But my husband said it best, “You now are the person I saw inside from the beginning, the things that left you were never YOU.” It’s been 2 years since my last therapy session, and I’m still going strong.
Thank you David for your dedication to your work and for helping so many out of the darkness.
--- Andrea 
Received May 9, 2022



You have a special place in my mind because of the kindness, compassion and knowledge you showed our daughter and us during a traumatic time. You are a true professional, but you are also a deeply caring person. I am thankful that we found you. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family! 12/18/23 Andrea and Frank M

Hey David,

Just wanted to reach out to you and let you know all is well. I haven't seen you for a year or more and wanted to let you know that all the work we did has really helped me. I am thankful and grateful to you; I've kept anxiety in check and have not met with any lengthy or serious bouts of depression



Mr Johns, thank you again for what you did for me. I have not gone back even a little to my old self. Now I have an excellent new narrative and a brand new little boy! None of this couldn't of happened if you didn't help me!
Forever thankful,

C.A. - ORLANDO. 3/18/21


David! We hope you remember us. We would like to thank you for all the help you gave us over the months when we needed it. We are still together and have overcome the issues that brought us into your office .

EO and MH, Deland, FL - September 23, 2017


David -- One word: Unbelievable
few months ago, I was struck full force in the face by a blunt, traumatic life-event. The resulting anxiety hindered my work, eliminated healthy exercise and diet from my routine, and left me in a state of social paralysis. Simple tasks, like shopping for groceries, seemed terrifying and insurmountable.

I thought I had lost my life for good that day. David Johns helped me get it back. His Trauma Resolution Therapy effectively allowed me to clear what I thought I would suffer from the rest of my life. David's techniques gave me the my life back.

CJ, Orlando, FL March 25, 2021

Hello! "My mind" keeps forgetting to be angry! - D.H., Oviedo, FL June 2018


 --"Before David Johns I had a very tough time with anxiety for over 15 years. It stopped me from going out and a lot of the time it effected my work. All other places that I went to for help told me I had a chemical imbalance and needed medication, but David changed that. He gave me hope and made me realize that I am in control and the feelings I get are not harmful. I only had 5 sessions with David and it has dramatically changed my anxiety. I am off my medication and have no intentions on going back to that Dr. If there is one right decision I've made in my life it's going to see David Johns he is a great guy and genuinely cares about you and helping you. Thank you David.: ----
------ SW, Volusia County, 2018

I think that I have improved tremendously since I have been seen by you by a tenfold. I dont think its necessary for a visit this week. I would like to reschedule if I need to again. You have really helped me with my outlook in a positive way and rapidly I must say. 8/23/2011


-- Lisa


From JD in Deltona ----2021

I had a panic attack for the first time in my life and my doctor prescribed me medication for my anxiety ............ I knew this would just be treating the symptoms so I did some research. I read somewhere that a combination of psychotherapy and medication was the best way to overcome my condition so I thought, what the heck, it's worth a try. I scheduled an appointment with David Johns. He was able to explain to me why I was going through these feelings of anxiety and panic. In a few short sessions, he had taught me .........skills and techniques......... to utilize ............... effectively against my anxiety. It has been several months since I've seen him .................. I have to say that the combination of the medication and psychotherapy worked for me because to this day I have not had another panic attack and my anxiety has subsided ........... .........


That Solution Focused approach helped my way of thinking by focusing on what I wanted out of life and not the problem I was in. David taught me to think of things I could control and take steps towards what made me feel better instead of just talking about the problem I was in. I feel this gave me a feeling of more control over my life instead of feeling helpless and dwelling in the problem. 7/21/2023

--- SN, Clermont, FL

HJ Wrote: (2017) ----

A lot has happened over the last several months and life is good. My girlfriend and I bought out first house and are engaged to be married in December. I have also reached a management level in my job and am only about two semesters away from getting my associates degree. I will have 4 years clean at the end of June........... My relationship has steadily gotten better for both of us. A lot less arguing and working together for the common good of the family. Co-workers have even noticed that I seem less hostile although I do have my moments with my words. If you were to ask if I felt there was a benefit from our sessions, I would say absolutely. I hope you are doing well and that you will continue to keep in touch.

VF said this: (2019)---
I am doing really good. Everything is going great with work. I changed jobs and feel a lot more comfortable and I haven't used a Xanax since I can remember. And I am just staying focused on being positive and enjoying life. Thank you so much for your help.

T.O from Gainesville had this to say: (2018)......

I'm so glad to hear from you, I've been meaning to send you an email. J--- and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary today. We haven't been happier and we feel like we owe a lot of that to you! Since our meetings with you, we have been communicating better and working more as a team instead of against each other. I have also referred a few people to you who were struggling in their lives. I am 7 months pregnant and we are expecting our second daughter on May 24th :-) It will be interesting to see how we handle life with another child, more work and more expenses. We are both excited and I of course am a little nervous about the future. Thank you for coming into our life at the right time and saving our marriage/family.

C and P let me know this.... (2012)

Hey David, Thank you. C and I have been doing better. As of right now, I'm not sure that we'll be in need of counseling for a while. We have only positive attitudes about our experiences with you and both of us are in agreement about that. I hope all is well and if we ever need to come see you again that you would welcome us. :)

Doug said this weeks after his counseling session with me (2017)

David, we have been on our "first date" and talking every day, next date is coming up. I read the 5 Love Languages book by Chapman and so did she and we are doing just what it said and is working. What I have learned from you is also still working no episodes not even close and I'm sure it will always serve me well. Thanks for checking on us, I know you are only a phone call away, another nice feeling.


Hey David!

Thanks for checking on me! I have been tons better since out last visit in May.

I remember before I saw you that I always thought about anxiety in terms of panic attacks, uncontrollable emotions and what was happening to me physically like sensations such as sweating or habits like nail biting. Little did I know, my anxiety would present itself in a totally different way.

The bathroom floor is not my chosen venue for an evening, or an entire night, but when my anxiety struck it’s where I’d find myself by default. During my second year in college I found it impossible to stay away from home, alter my sleeping patterns or cope with any situation where I felt like I wasn’t in control. Despite feeling fine, my body had other ideas. I could live my life during the day, but the moment I tried to sleep I’d find myself plagued with nausea and running for the bathroom. The first time it happened — feeling miserable and alone, in the early hours of the morning and in a bed/bathroom not my own — I assumed I had an upset stomach. Because, what else would bring on persistent vomiting?

After a few months of this I finally sought medical help with a doctor who was confused by my symptoms when blood tests seemed to indicate no stomach problems. It was only during an appointment with you when I mentioned how my physical health was getting me down that I got my answer. The feeling of relief to finally understand what was going on in my body was indescribable. I was freed from the fear each night that I would be unable to sleep with only nausea as my companion. Better still, learning that my anxiety was causing the symptoms meant I could do some simple therapy procedures to reprogram that part of my mind, while also taking prescribed medication to end the cycle. (While I appreciate medication is not for everyone this felt like the right choice for me.) I haven’t had any panic issues or vomiting and have an easier time with stress….By the way I did graduate, finally! Yay me.

So thank you again, and you have my permission to post this as a testimonial for your website.

Anna J –

October, 2017

Santa Fe, NM


Clinical Supervision ---- What Mental Health Interns Have Said:

Lisa Minter, LMHC, (2009) Orlando, FL said:   David was very easy to work with. He always had a positive attitude and a sense of humor. David provided a variety of professional articles and video-format educational materials to enrich the supervision experience. He persistently helped me understand and apply the principles of Solution Focused Therapy. He also introduced me to Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming. The supervision was flexible, allowing me to discuss cases, talk about personal issues affecting therapy, or process thoughts and feelings about experiences with clients. It was a helpful and positive experience.


David Johns gave me the best supervision I had in my career. He taught balance of skills, positive attitude, and compassion.

David taught me how to respect and admire my clients. He helped me with my confidence, teaching me that there will be always somewhere to go with your clients. He was not just a teacher; he respected me as a fellow professional sharing with me personal examples from his experience. And more amazingly, David was also there for me when I was having trouble or had a quick question. As a professional Counselor I hope to follow in David Johns footsteps in providing effective counseling with respect, compassion, and enthusiasm!----- John Gingras, MA, LPC, LMHC, Virginia (2007)


The supervision I received from David Johns was such a positive experience, I looked forward to it every week. It felt like I was getting my own therapy, though it was focused on developing as a counselor and client examples. David helped me build confidence in myself to be able to work with almost any client with a solution-focused approach. David models the solution-focused approach in supervision. Whenever I felt stuck with a client, David would help me by not only giving suggested solutions, but helping me create my own solutions as well. I look forward to learning more about solution-focused therapy, and using it to help clients create new solutions for their own lives.  -- Patrick Welch, Ed.S, LMHC (2009) Orlando, Florida


Clinical supervision with David Johns is certainly a unique and pleasant experience! His approach to Solution Focused Brief Therapy is one which I hold in very high regard. He has taught me a wealth of useful information which I use every day in therapy with clients. I find this to be the most universal and effective approach that I’ve encountered! David’s caring, compassionate, and dedicated style is apparent in everything that he does. He is available even outside of supervision for questions, concerns or just a quick upbeat conversation. Aside from simply discussing cases, David provides a library of media which can be viewed and discussed within a supervision session, as well as readings which are fundamental to understanding the theory. His mentor-type style is invaluable and has provided me with a strong foundation with which to practice therapy. I feel very lucky to be a part of his team!  ---- Tobi Tricket, LMHC (2008)  Orlando, FL


( 2009) Chelsi Reinhard-Pender, LCSW says:  "I would highly recommend David Johns for any work in regards to mental health therapy and/or treatment. I worked with David over a span of 3 years, he was one of my supervisors. His clinical knowledge and skills were so helpful to my growth as a clinician. Even after leaving the company, he has continued to help me with great advice and guidance along my career journey."

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